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Since Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica the dawn of naval exploration, sea robbers and pirates have all existed. These men robbed, stole and seized merchants and traders Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica along the trade routes. This was even in medieval times. To scare sailors, flags were placed on these men's ships: The Jolly Roger, the skull-and crossbones flag that announced death aboard the ship, was one of the most famous. Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica These seafaring criminals thrived in the 16th and 18th centuries through lucrative, illegal acts. It was the golden age of piratery. This was the catalyst for the sanctioning lawful pirates, known as privateers. Their rise helped turn the tide against pirates' devious acts and gave merchants of sea some peace of heart whenever they saw a friendly privateer. Ahoy, they'd say. Or, Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica as the Vikings would have written it, Ahoi.What is the difference between pirates, buccaneers, and privateers? You might wonder what all this has to do watches. Or if the Monochrome staff is drinking too much ale at the nearby pub. Other journalists sat at the bar stare and laugh, but it's futile. As we Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica finish our last cup of coffee, an unexpected connection occurs to us. Glashutte looks towards... not Lange or the Original, but a brand that draws its history from the legacy the ore mountain pirates left behind: Nomos is their name.Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica

Similar Patek Philippe Replica Watches to Lange's story, the fall and subsequent rebirth of Berlin led to the rise of mechanical marvels. Nomos was busy innovating itself, Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica while Lange kept its rich tradition of watchmaking. Nomos has been around for over 80 years. It was once considered a "pirate" brand that made watches with Swiss-based movement, which was considered sacrilege in those days. The new Nomos didn't have the same rich heritage as Lange, but had to Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica clean itself of its bad image as a watch company.But founder Roland Schwertner, who liked the Nomos name, took a chance. He believed that Nomos' "pirate name" could be changed and that, if it could get over its "pirate branding", it would become their greatest asset. The new Nomos was established in 1990. It is nothing like the previous one, except for its name. Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica Glashutte was the location of the company. It is located in the eastern Erzgebirge ("Ore Mountains") region. This town has since become a watch-Mecca. Glashutte was founded in 1992. It required that at least half of the watch's calibers be made in Glashutte to earn the designation. Nomos was finally Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica ready to prove their worth, and they did it with finesse. They were no longer ore mountain pirates a few years later. Nomos was now an industrial plant.Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica

Nomos Patek Philippe replica made a bold decision to open a manufactory in the 1990s. Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica Nomos could have been in serious trouble if they had attempted to make a quartz piece. They persevered in this competitive market for watches. Nomos' first and Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica most well-known piece, the Tangente, was released with a new design perspective. It features a round case, plain dial, small seconds subdial and a date aperture at 6: o'clock (Tangente Datum). This modern, bauhaus-like design is the Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica core of Nomos's aesthetic. This is a unique and fresh approach to timepieces, which earned them the title "designed classic" because of their quality craftsmanship.Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica

The Replica Watches Tangente contains the first hand-wound caliber of the Tangente, Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica the Alpha movement. It was then followed by a similar movement and a date complication. This they called the Beta movement for Tangente Datum. It was a remarkable Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica success, earning several design awards that helped cement its place among the Saxon giants. However, the idea of a hand-wound watch was rejected by many in an era where mechanical watches were just beginning to recover their Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica former glory. The company's first automatic movement was released in 2005 using the same design as the Tangente. The Tangomat was the first piece to be unveiled.Replica Patek Tiffany 5164a Replica